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在Virtual PC中安装MS-DOS 7.1,结果看到这样的画面:


This program is Free Software under GNU GPL.

GNU GPL并不是微软的作风,Google了一下MS-DOS 7.1 GPL,发现一些人也讨论过这个问题:,62146.0.html


GPL’d version of MS-DOS?
What did I stumble across? I have no idea, it I couldn’t find any liscence.txt file.
It’s MS-DOS 7.10
Weird stuff… I though Bill hated the GPL?
It’s suppose to be from the "China Dos Union", what did China buy MS-DOS and GPL it?




Re: The GNU MS-DOS???
It is a copy of genuine MS-Dos 7.1 which is the Dos version in Windows 98.   Wengier Wu and his team at the China Dos Union extracted it from Win.98 some years ago and made it available free for download on the CDU site which, unfortunately, was closed but not before many downloads.  MS has never, to my knowledge, released MS-Dos 7 in any version and some Dos enthusiasts deny its existence to this day.  Wengier Wu released some add-ons and stand-alone MS-Dos 7.1 has been enjoyed by Dos enthusiasts worldwide.

这(指GNU MS-DOS)是Windows 98中的DOS版本MS-DOS 7.1的一份拷贝。几年之前,中国DOS联盟的Wengier Wu和他的团队把它从Win98中提取了出来并放在中国DOS联盟的网站上让人们免费下载,不幸的是在没有多少下载之前网站就关闭了。据我所知,微软从来没有发布过MS-DOS 7的任何版本,并且一些DOS爱好者至今否认MS-DOS 7的存在。Wengier Wu发布的MS-DOS 7.1和一些插件被世界范围内的DOS爱好者所享用。

RE: GPL’d version of MS-DOS?
7.xx was (if I remember correctly) the DOS version beneath the win98. As it was a fully functional DOS, there is no reason why someone couldn’t made an install script/program for it.
I doubt it comes from MS, but if it is, then it is just a "stop gap measure" against other operating systems



RE: GPL’d version of MS-DOS?
Correct. That "GPL’d" DOS is pirated.


RE: GPL’d version of MS-DOS?
bout what I thought. Nothing GPL’d about it. Silly chinese guys.


在中国DOS联盟的网站上的确可以找到纯MS-DOS 7.10完整安装版,而且页面最下面也署名了“作者:Wengier”,看来网上流传的所谓MS-DOS 7.10的确是中国DOS联盟的人制作和发布的,而里面GPL声明我想只是作者一厢情愿加上去的而已。


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