EditPlus 3.30

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今天才发现 EditPlus 已经有 3.30 版了,2011-04-19 发布的,我记得订阅了 RSS 的,怎么没有看到呢?


* Supports TSVN commands (‘File’->’TSVN’).
* Supports ‘Use Pageant’ option for sftp.
* Supports menu bitmaps on Vista/7.
* Highlights all occurrences of selected word (‘View’->’Word Highlighting’).
* ‘Copy on Mouse Release’ option (‘Edit’->’Clipboard’).
* Hex Viewer supports ‘Show non-ASCII letters’ option.
* ‘Run php.exe on php files in browser preview’ option (‘Preferences’->’Tools’).
* ‘Preferences’->’Print’ dialog box supports ‘Hide line numbers’ option.
* ‘Min. line number digits’ option (‘Preferences’->’Layout’).
* Internal browser supports IE8/IE9.
* Internal browser supports displaying the information bar.
* Internal browser now opens new window as a tab.
* Combobox ‘auto append’ option (‘Preferences’->’General’).
* Supports $(CurLineText) argument macro for passing current line to user tool.
* Find in Files displays current file name on the Status Bar.
* ‘HTML Color’ command on the popup menu.
* ‘Copy Name’ command on the Document Selector popup menu.
* Updated toolbar buttons.
* Allows double click on the Change File Format dialog box.

时间关系,就不翻译了,除了第四个功能(高亮所选择词语的所有出现位置)有点用外,其他就是鸡肋。不过,这样一来, Notepad++ 就真的成浮云了(有人说 Notepad++ 的高亮功能很好用,原来 EditPlus 没有,现在有了)。


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